Join Erik Bruce

At Erik Bruce, we employ a variety of people with different skills, backgrounds and nationalities because we know that delivering outstanding products and services depend on the right people.

Tailor or Technical Skills?

We are always on the outlook for excellent tailors and installers.

Are you meticulous about your work, don't finish a task until it is done and set a high pride in delivering excellent quality?

Then do not hesitate to send an unsolicited application to us at


We offer a good benefits scheme like PTO and 401k but more importantly we emphasize a culture where each team member has a strong influence on hers/his own work.

We constantly strive to be better and to deliver best-in-class value to our clients.

Custom work and variety

As we do custom projects no two work days are the same.

Unsolicited applications

For unsolicited applications, please send to

Designer Collaborations

We are constantly looking to expand our network of associated designers.

Are you a designer and wish to work with or for Erik Bruce?

Please contact us at