Explore our Creative Process

Our creative process is about exceeding expectations. From the very first sketch, to the final steaming, our approach to designing unique curtain creations begins with helping our clients achieve their dreams, and sometimes we even help create the dream. Our creative process ensures the perfect fit between personal preferences, architectural environments and design excellence.


Working with Erik Bruce, one of the first things you will notice is our diligent, sometimes obsessive attention to detail. When creating our designs we try to consider all conditions, from the architectural exteriors and interiors to the lighting at the specific site. Everything is made to order.

Aside from the breathtaking aesthetics, the function of the curtain also plays an important role in the design, and every piece is installed with the hardware that supports the visual and functional aspects of the project.


From Cashmere found in the Scottish Highlands, to American Mohair, or even luxurious silk from Hangzhou, China. Choosing the perfect fabric and color can actually be quite the challenge, especially if you are not used to working with textiles. However, our designers will guide you every step of the way and we invite all our clients to come by our studio and handpick their desired fabrics from our in-house fabric library.


Once the fabric and hardware have been selected, we sample possible ways of incorporating details to be used for the final fabrication. Both our designers and clients love this part of our process as this is where everyone has the opportunity to be truly creative and innovative.

Often, our finalized prototype, and therefore the mockup for the final product, is based on a series of samples that have been modified and altered throughout the process. We engage both client and designers to create the perfect solution.


We fabricate our own designs in-house. From the moment the fabric arrives, we begin our careful process of fabrication. Many of our details require special techniques that cannot be outsourced.

Our manufacturing team is organized into small studios, each with their own lead tailor. The result is a product that is handmade as opposed to mass produced. This ensures every creation is unique and filled with personality.

Project Management

We have dedicated project managers that follow each project from the early design development phase all the way to the installation phase. The project manager works closely with the designers, tailors and a dedicated and reliable installation team, scheduling projects and making sure that they are completed on time.

We believe that having a project management team plays a crucial role in our creative process. It not only ensures that we deliver quality products, but they are delivered within our client's desired timeframe.